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         108 North Section Street         Fairhope, AL 36532


Brick Oven Pizzeria

Section Street Pizza

Life is too short for subpar pizza. At Section Street Pizza, we embrace the idea that beauty, excellence, and love are meant to be shared—especially through the universal language of great pizza. Join us in savoring a slice of authenticity, crafted with care, to bring a taste of true pizza perfection to the world.

Pizza in Fairhope Alabama
We make our dough in-house every day and let it rest overnight to develop the taste and structure it needs.
Our sauce is made with local tomatoes, salt and oregano.
We shred cheese ourselves to get that perfect melt.

Section Street Pizza

is not just a place to eat

It’s a culmination of a larger mission: To fully elaborate on the farm-to-table concept.

Brick Oven Pizza Fairhope

Hand Tossed Pizza

Section Street Pizza Menu

Brick Oven Pizza

Fresh Ingredients


Section Street Pizza is like no other. We take great pride in knowing that our Pizza in Fairhope is one of a kind. Our whole authentic ingredients and family-made recipes can be found in each of our slices!

Made with Love

We Make the Best

Pizza in Fairhope

Our commitment to flavor and quality sets us apart.

That creates the perfect base for our fresh ingredients

From farm to table, ensuring quality in every bite.

Wood-fired to perfection for a crispy, delicious taste. 

Authentic dough recipe

fresh ingredients

made to order

Preparing the Pizzas

Elizabeth Pieczynski

Prepare Pizza?

“I’m proud that we don’t take shortcuts,” Elizabeth says. “We love finding ingredients that might be temperamental, like fresh basil and arugula, but that add so much to the flavor of the pizza. Our pepperoni has no preservatives, and the prosciutto is the same. We don’t slack on ingredients.”

Pizza, like every dish on the planet, is
only as good as the ingredients.

Elizabeth Pieczynski

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